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"Our customers love how easy it is to buy Tray. We demo, they say yes, we close. No more friction."

Dom Lewis, Co-founder and CRO

Your customer said "yes". The clock starts now!

Make deal closing radically simple.

Flexible options

Offer usage-based and tiered pricing. Get paid by credit card, direct-debit and more.

Interactive checkout

Less clicks for sales. A delightful checkout for buyers. No work for ops.

One unified flow

Eliminate manual work, even for renewals and up-sells. It’s effortless from start to finish.

More revenue, less time.

Companies that use Cacheflow close up to 300% the amount of deals every year. Are you ready to join the winning team? You’ve invested in getting your customer to say yes. After that, closing rapidly is a must.

Deals fall apart when approvals take too long. When pricing options aren’t flexible. When quote, eSign, and payments all require different platforms. Saving time saves deals.

Automate your sales flow.

Our click-and-buy experience delights customers with 5 clicks to close. Self-serve options let them select terms, payment plans, and methods, all within our white-labeled checkout.

Cacheflow does quotes, closing, and subscriptions all in one platform. We play nice with others, too: Cacheflow works with your existing sales stack to completely transform your sales efficiency.

We know that visibility is a key part of keeping momentum up.

Cacheflow brings you full visibility in real time, so you can track the customer journey and offer support as needed. 

Your customer can approve quotes, sign the contract with integrated e-signature, and pay in one go. And if they choose to use our built-in financing options, it won’t affect your ARR.

A surprisingly simple, yet flexible deal close platform.

Delivering a B2C-like experience. Because buying software should be quick and easy.


Want to close 3x faster? Yes, that could be you. Those stretch goals are within reach with Cacheflow.
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Eliminate manual admin work. Seriously, it's in the past. What are you going to do with all your extra time?
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Make Customers Happy From Day 1. A happy customer is a repeat customer. But you already know that.
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Feedback from partners and users

When software automates the point of sale. It creates exciting growth and financing use cases. Sellers close more and buyers buy more. Square did this for SMB. Cacheflow does this for SaaS.

Gokul Rajaram, Product & Business Helper

Even a small company buys 100+ pieces of software. There is an opportunity to create a standard B2B deal close experience that can be used by all vendors.

Avanish Sahai
Board member at Hubspot

Every software company should use Cacheflow instead of wasting precious R&D budget to build a sub-optimal checkout.

Leyla Seka, COO

Cacheflow shaves weeks off the quote-to-close process with automation and flexibility.

KV Rao, Founder
Zuora & Aviso

Cacheflow has enabled us to enter new markets that were too difficult before because of the admin work.

John-Childs Eddy, MD

The modern sales person aligns value delivered to price. Cacheflow provides a system to enable this.

Terry Hill, CRO
Orca Security


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"Every business buys 100+ pieces of SaaS software today. They need it to be easy and flexible. Every SaaS vendor can use a Cacheflow to close faster."
Avanish Sahai
"The mondern sales person aligns payments to value. Lock in the customer fast and grow them over time. Cacheflow enables this."
Terry Hill, CRO
"When software automates the point of sale. It creates exciting growth and financing use cases. Sellers close more and buyers buy more. Square did this for SMB. Cacheflow does this for SaaS."
Gokul Rajaram

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