Closing faster matters more than ever.

Propose, close and get cash in hours, not weeks. Rethink your customers' buying experience like Tesla did.

"Our customers love how easy it is to buy Tray. We demo, they say yes, we close. No more friction."

Dom Lewis, Co-founder and CRO

Your customer said "yes". Now what?

Make deal closing radically simple.

Interactive checkout

Less clicks for sales. A delightful checkout for buyers. No work for ops.

Flexible options

Offer usage or tiered pricing. Offer monthly or deferred plans. Make it a no brainer to buy.

One unified flow

Connect quote-order-cash flows. Get rid of manual work. Add-on and renew effortlessly.

More ARR.
Less burn.

You spend millions of dollars to get your customers to say yes. Why should you have to slow down after that?  

Your customers are ready to buy. Remove all blockers. Stop that deal from slipping.

Give them a click, click and buy experience.  And give them flexibility to buy how they want, pay how they want, on terms they want.

Closing faster is your key to higher sales efficiency.

For Sales

No more stuck deals.

Is my customer ghosting?

Build trust with a clean, simple checkout.

Your customer can approve quotes, sign the contract and pay in one go. Flexibility on pricing, payments plans and options is built-in.

No more email back-and-forth, get up-to-the-minute visibility at all times.

Why is it so hard to build a quote and explain it to my customer?

Create complex quotes in clicks, not days.

Easily configure the right quote with a slick editor and approved templates.

Platform, tiered or usage pricing is all built-in.

For RevOps & Finance

No more admin work.

Why do I have to check quotes and orders manually?

Help your reps sell more with standardized flows with standard but flexible pricing and payments.

Synchronize products, proposals, orders, contracts and invoices with your existing stack to minimize mistakes and lost revenue

How can I enable usage-based billing and payments?

Help your company be more successful by automating usage or tiered billing.

Product usage tracking feeds directly to billing and payment schedules, eliminating hours and hours of manual work and reconciliation.

For Customer Success

No more renewal pain.

How can I avoid legal, procurement and AP for add-ons and renewals?

Execute expansions and renewals easily by connecting them to the original approved MSA, contract and payment terms.

Embed automated renewals in orders and avoid the hassle of renegotiation.

"Every business buys 100+ pieces of SaaS software today. They need it to be easy and flexible. Every SaaS vendor can use a Cacheflow to close faster."
Avanish Sahai, Board Member
"The modern sales person aligns payments to value. Lock in the customer fast and grow them over time. Cacheflow enables this."

Terry Hill, CRO
"When software automates the point of sale. It creates exciting growth and financing use cases. Sellers close more and buyers buy more. Square did this for SMB. Cacheflow does this for SaaS."

Gokul Rajaram, Fintech Executive

See how you can close deals faster

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