Billing software for SaaS companies

Go to market with any SaaS billing model you want.

Automate the manual finance work, so you never miss a payment, or expansion opportunity.

Billing software for SaaS companies

The billing engine for top SaaS companies

From seed-stage to enterprise software companies.

How Cacheflow solves billing complexities for SaaS companies

Ramped contracts

Configure multi-year ramped contracts, with the automation to collect your ARR over time.

Automatic co-terming & proration

When a contract changes, Cacheflow calculates the prorated payment, so you always get paid correctly.

Contract changes

Once a new quote is signed, Cacheflow will auto-update the next bill amount, and sync data to your accounting system and CRM.

Flexible billing options

Accept credit card, direct debit and ACH payments over monthly, quarterly, and annual periods.

Built for SaaS

Designed to be technical enough for complex deals, but easy enough for startups to receive value in days.


Bill and get paid with any currency. Don't let cross-border complexities slow your growth.

Self-checkout flow for SaaS deals

Embed a self-checkout option in your app or website. Keep the same billing and subscription automations as Cacheflow quotes.

Self-checkout billing for SaaS deals
Automatically bill based on usage data

Automatically bill based on usage data

The easiest way for SaaS companies to get started with usage-based pricing. Cacheflow connects your product usage data, billing, and subscription info into one platform.

Collect SaaS payments as the deal is closing.

Collect SaaS payments as the deal is closing

After your customer e-signs a deal, they get prompted to setup payment info. Support for credit card, direct debit, ACH and offline payments.

Use billing events to trigger workflows

Using our web-hooks and integrations, you can trigger workflows to automate almost anything.

Auto-provision new accounts, increase usage limits, send onboarding sequences and more.

Use billing events to trigger workflows.


Cacheflow billing compliments your sales and finance stack, and can be implemented in one day. Data syncs bilaterally so you never have to worry about billing errors.


Frequently asked questions

Do I have to manage billing in Cacheflow?

No, you can manage billing in a different tool (like Stripe Billing), and just use Cacheflow for quotes and payments. However we're more affordable and don't charge you revenue percentage fee's.

Do you handle invoicing?

Cacheflow doesn't generate invoices, but we connect to your accounting software or ERP to trigger invoices to be sent automatically.

Do you have a startup pricing plan?

Yes! Early-stage startups can use the full Cacheflow platform for a 50%+ discount in the first year. This includes 3 user seats.

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