Closers don’t build quotes by hand.

Cacheflow helps sales teams handle SaaS quotes and other deal-closing tasks, at scale.
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Our sales efficiency has improved dramatically. Cacheflow is easy to implement, easy to use and the team is incredibly supportive and great to work with.
Evan W.
CRO, Allstacks

Convert CRM deals to quotes instantly.

Save reps from having to do the manual work of creating quotes from scratch. Originate SaaS quotes from your CRM, then fine-tune in Cacheflow.

Customize with ramp pricing, free months, and more.

Empower reps with a quote-builder that is as flexible as a plain doc, but with guardrails. Simply set up pre-approved variables for special terms, and reps can design any deal they need, error-free.

Get quotes OK’d fast in Slack.

Use automated workflows instead of email to get internal approvals done on time. Set up your rules once, then Cacheflow sends every required review to the right people in the right order. You can even send requests and approvals straight from Slack.

Give customers one link for everything.

Let customers practically close themselves. Your customer gets one link to one master proposal that can be negotiated until they are ready to sign. They’ll love it and the seamless flow of information drives momentum.
Be a deal-closing machine with Cacheflow.

CRM integrations

With one click, turn opportunities in your CRM to quotes you can further finesse.

Ramped deals

Configure multi-year ramped contracts, with the automation to collect your ARR over time.

Advanced discounting

Customize and pre-set discounts based on term length, tiers or usage.

Advanced approvals

Create approver groups, and trigger based on TCV, discount percentage, geography and more.

Single-link checkout

Send one link for quote review, revision, and signature, and payment information.


Bill and get paid with any currency. Don't let cross-border complexities slow your growth.

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