Win the deal, lose the busywork.

Cacheflow helps RevOps automate quoting, pricing, and closing for every type of SaaS deal.
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Our old CPQ tool was hard to administer, and fell short on building quotes and managing subscriptions. Now I have one platform to manage new deals, expansion sales and renewals, without having to hire more headcount.
Juhno M.
RevOps, Sendoso

Prevent mistakes before they happen.

Set up building blocks for reps to use when creating quotes. After you pre-approve the products, prices, and terms, sales reps just go into the quote builder and choose from the options available. It’s flexible–and foolproof.

De-risk discounting and other custom requests.

When reps want to request a custom situation like a discount, Cacheflow will make sure the approval workflow goes to the right people in the right order.

No more chasing signatures and payments.

Cacheflow’s single-link close reduces back-and-forth work for RevOps and for customers. Give customers one link to review and revise quotes, sign agreements, and set up payments.

Say “yes” to complex billing scenarios.

With the Cacheflow SaaS-specific billing engine, you can easily support ramp pricing, custom lengths, free months, or discounts. Without needing help from the finance team.

Connect the data in your revenue stack.

Cacheflow integrates seamlessly with your CRM and ERP solutions. Every quote or billing change you make in Cacheflow gets synced with opportunities and invoices in your other systems. So when you pull data for your ARR report, forecasting, and scenario planning work, you know it’s accurate and up-to-date.
More Revenue. Less Ops.


Control everything allowed in your quotes, and enable sales with a fast and modern quoting experience.

Changes and expansions

Increase products and quantities, then calculate the prorated price and co-terming of contracts.

Recurring billing

Auto-bill complex SaaS deals, enable milestone billing and execute ramped pricing.

Usage-based billing

Connect product usage via webhooks, and auto-bill based on usage.

Advanced approvals

Create approver groups, and trigger based on TCV, discount percentage, geography and more.


Save any quote as a template. Apply products, legal docs, approval rules, payment terms and payment types allowed.

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