A surprisingly simple, yet flexible deal close platform.

Add a B2C-like checkout quality to your B2B deal close.

"We went live in 2 weeks and immediately saw a 3X increase in close rates. And way less hassles."

CK Sridhar, Global Head of Sales

Proposal to Cash.

Automate and speed up every step of the proposal, close and payment process. Cacheflow’s modular platform can integrate with any part of your existing process to close deals faster and deliver a superior buyer experience.

Solution highlights.


Create interactive "winning" proposals in minutes.

Traditional configure, price, quote tools are complicated and confusing.

Cacheflow makes the complex simple. An easy quote building editor and templates speed up sales.

Behind the scenes, our powerful configuration tools support complex product catalogs, pricing flexibility, and approved legal docs including:

  • Stand-alone and tiered products
  • Recurring and usage-based billing with discounts
  • Payment plan such as monthly, annual, deferred
  • Pre-approved or custom MSAs
  • Interactive buyer-facing proposals 

Get the signature when the customer says "yes".

Eliminate delays caused by long email threads and unclear next steps.

Cacheflow embeds the eSignature process directly into a B2C-like checkout flow. Once the customer accepts the terms of the proposal, the customer can sign the generated contract.  Alternatively, they can share it with the right signee.

Sales can track the activity and send reminders at every step.


Don’t wait to send the invoice to collect payment.

Customers often delay payment until they receive their invoice, and even then it’s a challenge to collect payment on time. 

Cacheflow prompts your customers to pay directly in the checkout experience. Offer your customers one-time or recurring credit card or ACH payment, with flexible billing and payment plans and support of usage-based billing models.

Once the payment has been captured, billing details are synced with your ERP and/or your subscription management solutions.


Get predictable recurring revenue.

Don’t wait for your customers’ payment schedule or risk payment delays.

Cacheflow offers cash advances for deals closed through our platform, with transparent terms and instant approval. Let Cacheflow help with your cash flow.


Adding Cacheflow to your current tech stack is easy.

It’s hard to see the ROI of new tools when they are hard to set up and integrate with your existing stack.

Cacheflow plays well with industry-leading sales software and fits into every configuration. Our platform’s modular architecture allows you to integrate parts or all of the solution to realize value quickly and incrementally.

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"Every software company should use Cacheflow instead of wasting precious R&D budget to build a sub-optimal checkout."
Leila Seka, COO
"Existing systems are hard to take out. Cacheflow doesn't impact your sales stack. You can get started where the pain is highest and then grow from there."

Paul Johns
"Automating dynamic tiered-billing based on product usage is a game-changer for my team."

Andrew Zellis, Revenue Operations

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