Configure winning quotes
in just 8 clicks!

Get CPQ-level performance, without the high costs and implementation time.

Create branded proposals in under two minutes by syncing deal data from your CRM.

“Cacheflow shaves weeks off the quote-to-close process with automation and flexibility.”
KV Rao, Founder

Easily update products & pricing

Add and update products with no code. Test new pricing strategies without disrupting your back-end processes.

Flexible where you want, standardized where you need

Create custom rules to control approvals, contract terms, and more. Whether your a sales team of 3 or 30, empower them to close fast without worrying about errors.

Make your proposal

Impress your prospects from square one with on-brand visuals that help you stand out from the competition.

Everything in one place

Stay organized with embedded ToS, case studies, and more. Set links and other docs to to auto-attach, or add them on the go.

Activity tracking and full visibility

Share your quote with a single link, and get activity updates along the way. Know when the proposal is shared, signed, and paid.

Renewals and Up-sells on auto-pilot

Your customers will see what's changing, and they can checkout just as fast.

Customize renewal alerts, or activate our auto-renewal feature.


Sync bi-directionally with Salesforce and Hubspot CRM. Create quotes from line items and product data, and seamlessly sync contacts. Automatically update deal stages based on customer activity.
Create quotes with one click within Hubspot.
Create quotes with 1 click from your Opportunity record.
Approve quote requests or leave feedback from Slack.

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