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Frequently asked questions

Do I need a CRM integration for Cacheflow to work?

No, you can use Cacheflow completely on its own. Our native CRM integrations allow you to sync Deal, Account and Contact data, but you can also use Cacheflow separately.

Do you integrate with my CRM?

We integrate natively with Hubspot, Salesforce and Close, but you can connect to additional CRM systems with Zapier and API's.

I already use Stripe Billing, where does Cacheflow fit?

Our Stripe Billing Connector automates the subscription creation process inside of Stripe Billing after a deal is closed using a Cacheflow quote. Eliminate manual steps to manage subscriptions from sales quotes and the billing errors that come with them.

Can Cacheflow manage subscriptions?

Yes, Cacheflow can manage SaaS subscriptions, or we can connect to your 3rd party tool.

I'm short on time, can you send me a recorded demo video?

Watch a 5 minute recorded demo video from here. But it's best to schedule your own 30 minute demo. We'll show you the platform on your first call.

Is Cacheflow a CPQ?

Yes, Cacheflow is a modern CPQ, but is easier to use, better buyer experience, and a fraction of the cost and time to deploy compared to legacy.

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