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CPQ + Billing Platform for HubSpot CRM

Configure SaaS quotes efficiently
Manage renewals and subscription upsells
Automate invoicing, billing, and revenue reporting
Improve control of pricing, legal docs, and approvals
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Cacheflow vs HubSpot Quotes

Without Cacheflow (HubSpot Quotes)
Complex pricing support?
Tiered, ramped discounts, usage-based
Time to generate quote
3 minutes
15+ minutes
Buying expereince
Interactive buyer room
PDF quote
Per seat cost?
Sales Pro seat + CRM seat
Rules-based approvals and approver groups
On or off
Subscription management
Auto-renewals and renewal quotes
Version control
Edit the original quote
Duplicate quotes for each change
Cacheflow has filled the gaps we had in Hubspot with CPQ and invoicing, making our sales and finance workflows much smoother. Quoting, closing, renewing, and reporting on deals is a breeze.
Jess Reagan, Chief Revenue Officer

Create quotes from HubSpot in one click

Configure customized SaaS quotes in minutes with quote templates buttons and bi-directional data syncing.

Billing software for SaaS companies
Billing software for SaaS companies

Build & edit products for any pricing model

Admins can configure complex products in just minutes. Reps can apply one-time discounts and descriptions without waiting.

Interactive buyer room

Allow your customers to eSign, compare payment schedules and add billing details directly embedded in your quote.

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Billing software for SaaS companies
Billing software for SaaS companies

Automate billing, invoicing and subscription change calculations

Auto-bill all your deals, handle mid-term expansions, and invoice from Cacheflow or trigger invoicing to your ERP.

Expand & renew deals with ease

Easily up-sell and renew SaaS contracts, while Cacheflow automates the back-end billing and reporting work.

Billing software for SaaS companies
Billing software for SaaS companies

Visible & real-time reporting

Capture and report your most important revenue metrics (TCV, ACV, ARR). Keep your sales quotes, CRM and ERP in sync.

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Why use Cacheflow for HubSpot CRM?

Designed for sales team efficiency
Make each sales person capable of closing more deals by removing technology and process bottlenecks.
Automate the tedious tasks of deal-closing
Save 100's of hours from manually creating quotes, invoicing, reporting and more.
Strong native integration with HubSpot
Our out-of-the-box HubSpot integration allows you to easily map fields, and setup workflows.
Go live in less than 2 weeks
Get started in 1-2 days, and receive migration support and clear documentation for an end-to-end implementation of 2-4 weeks.
Build and maintain on your own
No need to hire CPQ consultants. Designed for in-house RevOps and Sales leaders to administer.

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