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Bring the Tesla buying experience
to your software.

A surprisingly simple, yet flexible, deal close for B2B. From proposal, to close, to cash. All on one platform. In minutes.

"Our customers love how easy it is to buy with Cacheflow. We demo, they say yes, we close. No more friction."

Your customer said "yes". Now what?

Close faster, easier. Automate the last mile of deal close with Cacheflow.

Checkout with ease

Less clicks for your salesperson, less emails for your customers. Pick pricing, terms, payment options and just sign.

Price & get paid flexibly

Automate usage, tiers, platform pricing. And automate monthly, quarterly, annual plans. No more hours of manual work.

Product-led or sales-led

Use the same platform for self-service checkout as your sales people use for sending quotes to clients.

It’s not sell or buy.
It’s both.

For too long, there’s been an us vs them, seller vs buyer, in digital sales tools. As if someone decided to rule out the fact, that it takes human relation, trust and equal collaboration to buy and sell. Our mission at Cacheflow is to rebalance this. Make deal close a collaborative, value-driven and delightful flow – one that ends in a relationship. 

For Sales

Close faster. Way faster.

Build trust with your customer with a clean, simple buying experience

From quote, to contract signing, to flexible payments – all in one flow. With full visibility for you at all times.

Sign up customers for the right usage and grow them over time.

Create interactive quotes in clicks. Not hours

Easily configure the the right quote for the customer with a slick editor and templates. And offer the right pricing with options like tier based, usage based, monthly and annual.

For RevOps
& Finance

Scale with confidence

Use templates and approvals to reduce manual work and mistakes.

Take away the pain around checking orders, contracts and payments with automated flow. Quickly onboard and make new sales members productive with the right products, pricing, terms and payment templates.

Enable usage-based billing and payments for less spreadsheets and less mistakes.

Get rid of the manual work around billing/payments by automating them. Map your customers SKUs to product usage and bill customers effortlessly. Connect your CRM, ERP and product via APIs.

"Every software company should use Cacheflow instead of wasting precious R&D budget to build a sub-optimal checkout."
Leila Seka, COO & Investor
"The modern sales person aligns payments to value. Lock in the customer and grow them over time. Cacheflow enables this."

Terry Hill, CRO
Orca Security
"Cacheflow has enabled us to enter new markets in 2 weeks that were too difficult before because of the admin effort."

John-Childs Eddy, MD

See how you can close deals faster

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