Did you ever wish for a deal closing machine?

We got you. If comes with a number of levers and buttons you'll have to get comfortable with. Luckily, most of Cacheflow users are flying in just a few minutes.

Proposals created in clicks – not hours

You probably don’t want dated proposals to be the starting point for your fresh, new proposals. Yet, sometimes they are. Not with Cacheflow. Here everything is just clicks away and in seconds you’ll have a fresh proposal from nothing.

Approvals. Where you need it

Reality is most people don’t hang around their workflow solutions much. We think your deal desk folks like tools like Slack. Some maybe email. So let’s get approvals there. Automatically.

Give your customers the power to close deals

Rather than sending multiple proposals for different agreements, send one interactive proposal. Change “yes or no” to “this or that”. Less talk, more deals.

What's really going on?

Each proposal comes with built-in analytics and activity tracking. Who opened your proposal, a

Let machines handle the DocuSign back and forth

We’re sure machines can move documents between systems faster than you can. Our DocuSign integration takes care of creating the signable document – even including the options selected by the customer. Then you can take care of business and customers.

Automated subscription creation


Collect payments


Cash advances


Automated subscription creation