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Press Release: Cacheflow Raises $6M Seed to Simplify SaaS Buying with Buy Now Pay Later

November 10, 2021 6:29 AM

Former Salesforce and Ariba Executives rethink how software is bought and sold today

Los Altos, California,  November 10, 2021, 06:00 ET– Today, Cacheflow announced an investment of $6 million led by Glenn Solomon of GGV Capital. Every business is buying more SaaS apps.  Cacheflow helps SaaS companies offer an easy digital-first checkout experience with flexible payments to their customers.

With Cacheflow, SaaS companies sell more and sell faster. Their customers have an automated experience that can be completed in a few minutes.  And, financing is embedded in the experience to optimize cash flow for both parties.  

“The fastest growing SaaS companies I work with want to grow faster and win market share by simplifying the buying experience. Cacheflow provides ready-made out-of-the-box solutions to help SaaS companies meet their customers’ desires for flexible payment options. This is a massive market and Cacheflow has arrived just in time,” said Glenn Solomon, Managing Partner at GGV Capital.  

“As CRO of Tray, I want our customers to experience a sales process that’s designed around them. We want a relationship of trust. A solution like Cacheflow is critical for our land and expand strategy,” said Dom Lewis, Co-founder and CRO of who is a design partner.

The round is led by GGV Capital – and is joined by Pelion Ventures, over 40 CEOs, CROs and CFOs of fast growing fintech and SaaS companies. In addition, Neythri Futures Fund that represents over two hundred south Asian women leaders is investing in the round.

“The sales process and the buying process are both broken today. While working at the leading CRM company and the leading procurement company, my co-founder, Brian Zotter and I realized – that buying and selling are two sides of the same coin. The fastest path to closing a deal is by helping the buyer make the decision faster.” said Sarika Garg Co-founder & CEO of Cacheflow. “We are excited to build the first company that’s thinking about buying and selling SaaS as one integrated offering.”

“We spend so much effort building software that people love. So let’s make sure they love how they buy it too.” said Leyla Seka, COO at Ironclad and investor, “This is an obvious idea once you hear it. Every SaaS company should be using the Cacheflow checkout instead of wasting precious engineering resources to build a sub-optimal one themselves.”

You can read more about the founding story of Cacheflow here.

About Cacheflow

Founded in 2021, Cacheflow helps SaaS companies radically simplify the buying experience while offering flexible payment options. Customers pay monthly, quarterly or deferred, and Cacheflow handles payments and advances for the SaaS company. Co-Founder and CEO Sarika Garg was previously Chief Strategy Officer at Tradeshift and ran product at Ariba and SAP before that;  Co-Founder and CTO Brian Zotter was previously VP of Engineering at Salesforce, ClearStory Data and Medium and has founded three other startups. To learn more, visit