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Press release: Cacheflow Launches Product to Help Companies Get More ARR with Less Burn, And Hires Key Executives to Accelerate Growth

July 7, 2022 7:05 AM

Cacheflow completes the tech stack for sales by closing the last loop with customers: propose, close and get paid.

LOS ALTOS, Calif.--Nine months after coming out of stealth, Cacheflow is bringing its product into general availability to help software companies close deals faster. In today’s uncertain economy, CROs are looking to get more ARR with less burn. Given the early momentum, Cacheflow is accelerating its growth plans with the hire of key executives including a new head of revenue. Cacheflow tackles a large and growing software buying market where user spending is expected to grow to $750B in 2023.

The product is a modern API-based deal-close solution that fully automates how companies propose, close, and get paid - and helps shorten the end to end process from weeks to hours.

  • Create winning quotes in minutes. Build quotes, even complex ones, with a slick quote building editor and templates.
  • Buy in a single step. Give your customers an interactive checkout to accept quotes, sign, and pay in a single step.
  • Pay and get paid flexibly. Support flexible payment options or usage-based billing without additional admin work or human errors.
  • Advance payments as needed. Get advances on recurring revenue when needed to help with cash flow.
  • Renew automatically. Expand or renew contracts easily by connecting them to the original approved MSA, contract, and payment terms.
  • Start quickly with APIs. Start solving your biggest challenge in a day using Cacheflow APIs and not impacting your sales stack.

Early customers are live in production on Cacheflow and are closing deals 4 times faster than their legacy process. The platform saw an increase of 400% in the number of proposals created and closed month over month in June.

"As a high growth startup, we would like to automate as many steps as possible in the revenue acquisition process. With Cacheflow we get a CPQ + contract signing + billing + payments. All super easy to deploy," said Leena Joshi, Co-founder and CEO of Closefactor.

“Cacheflow’s product is timely as the market shifts, and the conversation in board meetings has turned to sales efficiency. Closing faster with fewer reps and ops means increasing time to sell more. The feedback from customers is that Cacheflow’s interactive buyer/seller checkout is game changing with its focus on B2C speed and B2B flexibility,” said Glenn Solomon, Managing Partner at GGV Capital.

“Everyone we talk to wants more ARR with less burn. We expected Series A to Series C companies to respond to our messaging but even later-stage startups and large public companies are responding and engaging. We are thrilled to welcome Jordan Novak, Kevin Ehinger, and John Carles to Cacheflow to help scale Cacheflow to meet this demand. They have deep knowledge and experience but most importantly, they are all builders at heart,” said Sarika Garg, Co-founder, and CEO of Cacheflow.

The new executives that joined Cacheflow include:

  • Jordan Novak, as Head of Revenue. As Chief Sales Officer at C2FO in his last role, Jordan played a key role in driving the company to unicorn status from less than $1MM in ARR.
  • Kevin Ehinger - as Head of Fintech/Growth. As President of C2FO Capital Finance, Kevin incubated several finance and lending products.
  • John Carles - as Head of Product. As SVP of Product Management at Tradeshift, John built products for mid-market and large enterprises in the procurement and payments space.

You can read more about the founding story of Cacheflow here.

About Cacheflow

Founded in 2021, Cacheflow’s mission is to help software companies sell faster, and sell more by making the selling (and buying) experience easier and more delightful. Cacheflow offers a surprisingly simple, yet flexible API-first deal closing solution to SaaS companies. Co-Founder and CEO Sarika Garg was previously Chief Strategy Officer at Tradeshift and ran product at Ariba and SAP before that; Co-Founder and CTO Brian Zotter was previously VP of Engineering at Salesforce, ClearStory Data, and Medium and has founded three other startups. To learn more, visit