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Top 5 Billing Software Tools [for SaaS]

April 16, 2024 5:15 PM

Managing recurring payments, subscriptions, and updating pricing is complex. You need a billing system that understands the nuances of SaaS while being easy enough for your finance and sales teams to actually use.

This blog covers the essential factors to consider when selecting a billing platform. We have analyzed and handpicked the five best billing systems for SaaS in 2024. 

Things to Consider Before Choosing A Billing Platform

Before selecting a billing platform, consider its range of functionalities. Look for features like automated billing, management of subscriptions, configurable settings, revenue reporting, and high compliance standards. 

Assess whether the platform supports diverse payment modes such as credit cards, bank transfers, and cheques to accommodate different customer preferences. 

Evaluate the user experience; a user-friendly interface speeds up adoption. Ensure the system can generate quotes efficiently, as this will enhance the renewal and upselling process. Lastly, check for robust integration capabilities with your existing CRM and ERP systems to prevent manual data entry errors and save dozens of admin hours per month. 

Best Billing Systems for Saas in 2024

1. Cacheflow

Cacheflow simplifies SaaS billing by turning the entire quote-to-cash journey into a streamlined and mostly automated process. It stands out in the market for its seamless integration of usage data, subscriptions, and automatic billing that ensures no SaaS payments slip through the cracks. 

The platform introduces a dynamic CPQ and billing system that adjusts customer bills based on product usage, expansion sales and renewals. This eliminates manual bill calculations, CRM updates and quoting time. It also ensures revenue capture from true-ups and overages. 

Cacheflow supports the growth of Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) through quickly configurable multi-year ramped contracts. Cacheflow's compatibility with existing billing tools allows companies to get started with Cacheflow CPQ and quoting, with the option to add-on billing and subscription management in the future. 

Cacheflow offers multiple plans for SaaS: Sales Flow, Finance Flow, and Enterprise.  Features include unlimited proposals, e-signature support, CRM integrations, and more.

2. Chargebee

Chargebee offers a robust solution for managing subscriptions, billing, and invoicing at scale. You can automate revenue recognition with Chargebee RevRec to meet GAAP standards. This eases your finance team's workload and ensures accuracy and compliance.

The Receivables module in Chargebee speeds up payment collection. It uses active methods to improve your cash flow. Its Retention feature helps reduce churn. This feature aims to increase customer lifetime value by providing engaging experiences.

Chargebee comes with seamless API integrations. This ability allows your business to grow and handle more customers without overhauling existing processes. It adapts to your evolving needs, from global expansion to implementing self-service options.

Chargebee has three pricing tiers for diverse needs. Starter is free for the first 2 Crores of billing, then 0.75% afterward. Performance is priced at INR 47,890 for up to INR 80L of monthly billing. Enterprise offers custom pricing for advanced needs.

3. Maxio

Maxio allows you to automate billing, subscription management, collections, and reporting. It offers tailored pricing models for companies. Their approach ensures you can enter global markets with a competitive edge. 

Subscription management with Maxio drives expansion by streamlining everything from billing to subscription tasks. The platform can handle complex pricing packages and supports various go-to marketing strategies. You can automate your entire billing workflow, from generating invoices to securing deposits.

Maxio simplifies the financial closing process through its revenue recognition feature. This allows for quicker funding and easier audit approvals. Its SaaS metrics tool provides rapid financial and performance reports.

Maxio has flexible pricing starting at $5,000 annually for up to $500k in annual billings. For higher volumes or additional needs, custom quotes are also available.

4. Stripe Billing

Stripe Billing allows businesses to implement flexible billing options, such as recurring, tiered, and usage-based billing. The platform come with a straightforward process of setting up and managing customer billing cycles. It provides a seamless integration into existing systems via a robust API or the intuitive Stripe Dashboard.

Stripe Billing also reduces revenue loss from failed transactions through its Smart Retries and automatic updates of expired card details. Its suite of tools streamlines operations including invoicing and tax compliance to detailed financial analytics.

Whether integrating simple payment forms or complex billing structures, Stripe has scalable solutions to support businesses at every stage of growth. 

Stripe Billing offers transparent, pay-as-you-go pricing without setup or hidden fees. Charges are 2.9% + $0.30 per successful transaction for domestic cards. Custom pricing is available for high-volume businesses.

5. Recharge Payments

Recharge Payments is primarily designed for eComm companies, but comes with subscription management features, making it a suitable option for SaaS companies using a PLG strategy with basic pricing structures. With Recharge, you can create flexible subscription options, and allow customers to get their favorite products regularly without reordering manually. 

The platform integrates with Shopify and BigCommerce. Recharge offers SMS notifications, a customizable customer portal, and detailed analytics to help you engage and inform your subscribers.

Its integrations with essential e-commerce tools like Gorgias and Klaviyo further streamline operations. 

Recharge Payments come with scalable plans for DTC brands. Standard at $99/mo, 1.25% + 19¢ per transaction. Pro at $499/mo, 1% + 19¢. Custom plan provides tailored pricing for large-scale merchants.

Wrap Up

A billing platform impacts how you manage cash flow and meet customer expectations. Legacy systems have served well, but today's market requires more. Solutions like Cacheflow bring agility and flexibility to SaaS businesses. Our platform empowers Sales and RevOps teams to optimize their workflow by automating tedious manual processes.

Cacheflow exceeds usual billing tools by providing a CPQ and sales buyer room, connecting the entire quote-to-cash journey into one platform. Book a demo to see the platform in action!