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Why we started Cacheflow

November 10, 2021 5:30 AM

Simplifying the buying experience with flexible payments and upfront cash.

Four years ago, I bought our first Tesla. It took me four minutes to select my features, select my payment options, and checkout. And I was done! It was the most delightful buying experience I had ever had.

It was 10x better than every other car buying experience. For most cars, you go pick the car which is often the easy part and then you spend hours and hours negotiating discounts, bundles, add-ons and payment terms. What a horrible experience!

Buying SaaS is still stuck in that era. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Last year, when Brian Zotter, my co-founder, and I started thinking about the big problem we wanted to solve, we immediately went back to that Tesla car buying experience.

We asked ourselves a simple question:

“Why can’t the SaaS buying experience be as simple as buying a Tesla?”

Brian was an engineering executive at Salesforce, the #1 selling company, where they spent a lot of time thinking about making salespeople more efficient. On the other side, I was a product executive at Ariba, the #1 buying company, where we spent time thinking about making procurement more efficient.

When Airbnb builds an app that delights both the renter and the owner – magical experiences happen. Companies like Affirm let us pay as and when we want.

Why can’t we build this for SaaS? Bringing buyer and seller together weaving the workflows – helping them do what they both want – quickly buy and close the deal!

Buying software sucks

In the old days, companies bought 1 or 2 pieces of software such as the ERP. Today, we buy dozens of apps.

As buyers, we do more research on our own and have less time. We have no patience for “superfluous selling” and manual processes. The sales job is to explain the value, educate and get out of my way!

Big mission and growing with intentionality
We are building Cacheflow with the mission to make SaaS buying as easy as buying a Tesla. Today, we emerge from stealth and are announcing that we have raised $6M with GGV Capital as the lead investor.

Cacheflow helps SaaS companies radically simplify the buying experience while offering flexible payment options. Customers pay monthly, quarterly or deferred, and Cacheflow handles payments and advances for the SaaS company.

We have a big mission and want to build a company with a soul.

We are excited to partner with Glenn Solomon, one of the smartest and nicest investors in Silicon Valley. In addition, Pelion Ventures and hundreds of Fintech and SaaS operators have also joined the round.

Personally, as one of the very few South Asian women founders, I care about building a company that welcomes diversity of thought and backgrounds. We chose our investors very intentionally. We want to build our team very intentionally. We are growing fast and are actively hiring.